Thursday, 12 December 2013

Borg's Pastries

Since the reply I received from Borg's has a copyright statement, I will not publish the reply and the Halal Certificate received with it. However, I'll list down the products plus their contact information.

Borg’s Pastizzis
Cocktail Spinach & Ricotta
Greek Spinach & Feta
Mediterranean Oven Roasted
Spinach & Ricotta
Borg’s Rolls and Twisters
Mini Filo Cheese Twisters
Mini Filo Spinach Rolls
Spinach & Ricotta Gourmet Rolls 

Borg’s Puff Pastry
Butter Sheets
Canola Sheets
Country Style
Country Style Shortcrust Sheets
Extra Flaky Sheets
Fillo Pastry
Organic Sheets
Plain Block
Plain Sheets
Reduced Fat Sheets
Shortcrust Sheets

Borg’s Triangles
Spinach & Ricotta
Trio Cheese
The Halal certificate was issues by "Halal Certification Authority Australia" and is valid till 31st of December 2013. I'll contact them in January to get the latest one.
Following is their contact details, in case people want to contact them for further queries.
Borgcraft Pty. Ltd.  31-33 Slough Road Altona Vic 3018 
* P.O. Box 263,  Altona  Victoria  3018,   Australia


  1. the shortcrust pastry says margarine used is of animal and vegetable fat and oils. please advise if it is considered halal

  2. The above list was valid till 31st of December 2013. So the one you are talking about does not have a Halal label on it or you have doubts then I would advise you to send a query to them and update this post too.

    they are quite helpful and respond quickly. Its better to be safe than sorry :)