Thursday, 2 July 2015

Where does the money from Halal certification go?

Every now and then someone posts a comment on the blog that they'll not use the halal certified product because the funds are used to support terrorist activities. Please have a read to the following, maybe this will help people to find the answer.
How are the funds from halal certification used?

The service fees paid to Halal Australia for halal certification and accreditation are used to maintain the normal costs of running a registered business in Australia. These include overhead costs such as utilities, rent, inventory and supplies, and employee salaries, as well as income taxes paid to the Australian government. Inspection fees also include auditing services, which are undertaken to maintain quality control of the premises and products and which cover standard expenses such as service, transportation and travel time.
Halal Australia is proud to be an Australian business and in accordance with the Australian Government’s values statement has always undertaken to respect the values of Australian society and obey its laws. Halal certification profits DO NOT go towards supporting any terrorist activities or violent politically motivated religious organisations. Nor do we have anything to do with any organisation or group anywhere in the world that incites violence and are not aligned with our values of freedom, egalitarianism, equality of opportunity, and mutual respect and tolerance.
The pure and unaltered teachings of Islam as well as the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourage a harmonious and peaceful way of life and forbid injustice or aggression against any living creature, whether animal or human being. Instead, we are taught to have respect for all - regardless of religious beliefs, race, or ethnicity.

Answering Anti-Halal Rumours

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