Friday, 15 April 2016

Does halal certification fund terrorism?

I have received lot of comments on my last post "Where does the money from Halal certification go?". There are lot of people out there who still believe that the money is used to fund terrorism.

I was really surprised to know that the Halal certification of products exported from Australia results in reducing the manufacturing cost and the consumer in Australia pay less for these products. Since the market is huge the products are manufactured in bulk which results in less manufacturing cost.

Please have a read to the following by abc news, to find out what exactly is happening.

The claim: One Nation founder Pauline Hanson says that halal certification is a $3 trillion industry that funds Islamic organisations and terrorism.

The verdict: Ms Hanson's estimate of a $3 trillion industry conflates the value of the global food market with the value of the halal certification market. While the proceeds of halal certification do fund Islamic organisations, Fact Check could find no evidence money has ever flowed to terrorist groups. Ms Hanson's claim doesn't check out.

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